a. DADS reviews an application for a license within 30 days after the date DADS’
Licensing and Credentialing Section receives the application and notifies the applicant if
additional information is needed to complete the application.
b. DADS denies an application that remains incomplete 120 days after the date that DADS’
Licensing and Credentialing Section receives the application.
c. DADS issues a license within 30 days after DADS determines that the applicant and the
facility have met all licensure requirements referenced in §92.14 of this subchapter
(relating to Initial License Application Procedures and Requirements) or §92.15 of this
subchapter (relating to Renewal Procedures and Qualification), as applicable.
d. If DADS does not process an application in the time period stated, the applicant has a
right to make a request to the program director for reimbursement of the license fees paid
with the application.
1. If the program director does not agree that the established time period has been
violated or finds that good cause existed for exceeding the established time
period, the program director denies the request.
2. Good cause for exceeding the established time period exists if:
A. the number of applications to be processed exceeds by 15 percent or more
the number processed in the same calendar quarter of the preceding year;
B. DADS must rely on another public or private entity to process all or a part
of the application received by DADS, and the delay is caused by that
entity; or
C. other conditions existed giving good cause for exceeding the established
time period.
3. If the request for reimbursement is denied, the applicant may appeal to the DADS
commissioner for resolution of the dispute. The applicant must send a written
statement to the DADS commissioner describing the request for reimbursement
and the reason for the request. The DADS commissioner will make a timely
decision concerning the appeal and notify the applicant in writing of the decision