A clean and orderly community

Providing a clean, odorless community free of debris and insects is an absolute must for facilities to provide to residents. Never should there be a reason why you cannot keep your community looking clean- even if your physician plant is older and in need of a remodel. There is nothing worse for prospective residents and their families than visiting a community and seeing a dirty living environment. You can bet your last dollar that DHFS surveyors would feel the same. Check out the following guideline for housekeeping and maintenance in your facility:

DHS 83.44Housekeeping services.

(1)  Laundry.

(a) Laundry area. The CBRF shall make an adequate number of laundry appliances available to residents who choose to do their own laundry. The CBRF shall have a laundry area to sort, process and store clean and soiled laundry and shall handle clean and soiled laundry so as to prevent the spread of infection.

(b) Storage and transport. The CBRF shall have separate clean and dirty laundry storage areas or containers. Storage containers shall be clean, leak-proof and have a tight fitting lid. The CBRF may not transport, wash or rinse soiled laundry in areas used for food preparation, serving or storage.

(c) Clothes dryers. The CBRF shall enclose any clothes dryer having a rated capacity of more than 37,000 Btu/hour in a one-hour fire resistive rated enclosure. If the clothes dryer requires a vent, the CBRF shall use dryer vent tubing that is of rigid material with a fire rating that exceeds the temperature rating of the dryer. The dryer vent tubing shall be clean and maintained.

(2) Cleanliness.

(a) The CBRF shall keep all rooms clean and shall make reasonable attempts to keep all rooms free from odors.

(b) All toilet and bathing areas, facilities and fixtures shall be clean and in good working order.

(c) Every interior floor, wall and ceiling shall be clean and in good repair.

History: CR 07-095: cr. Register January 2009 No. 637, eff. 4-1-09.

DHS 83.45Building maintenance and site.

(1)  Maintenance.

(a) Exterior areas. The CBRF shall maintain the yard, any fences, sidewalks, driveways and parking areas of the CBRF in good repair and free of hazards.

(b) Building integrity. The CBRF shall be structurally sound without visible evidence of structural failure or deterioration and shall be maintained in good repair.

(c) Surface drainage. The CBRF shall ensure that each courtyard, yard or other area on the premises of the CBRF is drained or graded to divert water away from the building.

(d) Hazards. The CBRF shall maintain each building in good repair and free of hazards.

(e) Systems. The CBRF shall maintain all electrical, mechanical, water supply, plumbing, fire protection and sewage disposal systems in a safe and functioning condition.

(f) Furnishings. The CBRF shall keep all furnishings clean, safe, and maintained in good repair.

(2) Storage. The CBRF shall maintain storage areas in a safe, dry and orderly condition.

(3) Toxic substances. The CBRF shall ensure that cleaning compounds, polishes, insecticides and toxic substances are labeled and stored in a secure area.

(4) Pest control. The CBRF shall implement safe, effective procedures for control and extermination of insects, rodents and vermin.

(5) Garbage and refuse. The CBRF shall dispose of garbage and refuse. Garbage and refuse in inside areas shall be kept in leak-proof, non-absorbent closed containers. Garbage and refuse in outside areas shall be in closed containers.

Top Takeaway:

This should go without saying, but unfortunately there any many facilities who do not maintain a clear and orderly environment. Your facility may not be sparkling brand new, but it needs to be clean and free of odor with equipment that is maintained and working.