44-105.09. Abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

(a) An ALR shall develop and implement policies and procedures prohibiting abuse, neglect,
and exploitation of residents.
(b)(1) An ALR, employee of an ALR, or other person who believes that a resident has been
subjected to abuse, neglect, or exploitation shall report the alleged abuse, neglect, or
exploitation immediately to the assisted living administrator who shall take appropriate action
to protect the resident. The ALR shall report any allegation of abuse, neglect, or exploitation
brought to its attention to the Mayor and the Adult Protective Services Program, administered
by the Family Services Administration of the Department of Human Development.
(2) An ALR or employee of an ALR may be subject to a penalty imposed by the Mayor for
failure to report an alleged incident of abuse, neglect, or exploitation pursuant to Chapter 19
of Title 7.
(3) An ALR shall thoroughly investigate any allegation of abuse, neglect, or exploitation and
shall take appropriate action to prevent further incidents. The ALR shall report the results of
its investigation and actions taken, if any, to the Mayor.
(c) An ALR shall post signs that set forth the reporting requirement of this section
conspicuously in the employee and public areas of the ALR.


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