Reporting requirements for abuse, neglect, and exploitation allegations

Abuse, neglect, and exploitation reporting

One of the top reasons why seniors move into assisted living facilities is the comfort of safety and peace of mind. Unfortunately, there are times when a resident is placed in a situation where that safety is taken away in the form of abuse or neglect. Although facilities do their best to vet employees and ensure they are hiring people they can entrust with the care of their residents there are ultimately times when a less than respectable person slips through the cracks. If a resident in your facility is expected to have been a victim of abuse, neglect, or exploitation you must adhere to the following regulation provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services:

2800.15. Abuse reporting covered by the law.

(a) The residence shall immediately report suspected abuse of a resident served in the residence in accordance with the Older Adult Protective Services Act (35 P. S. §§ 10225.701—10225.707) and 6 Pa. Code §§ 15.21—15.27 (relating to reporting suspected abuse, neglect, abandonment or exploitation) and comply with the requirements regarding restrictions on staff persons.

(b) If there is an allegation of abuse of a resident involving a residence’s staff person, the residence shall immediately develop and implement a plan of supervision or suspend the staff person involved in the alleged incident.

(c) The residence shall immediately submit to the Department’s assisted living residence office a plan of supervision or notice of suspension of the affected staff person.

(d) The residence shall immediately notify the resident and the resident’s designated person of a report of suspected abuse or neglect involving the resident.


If a resident has reported an abuse allegation you must take it seriously! Immediately contact the staff member in question of abuse and interview them regarding their side of the situation. I also highly suggest suspending this employee pending investigation in order to remove them from the situation while you gather facts and continue the reporting process.