Activity Programming

We as administrators often fail to see the importance of the “activities” program. The first problem is we fail to see this as more than just “activities”. These are life enrichment tools that add value and give fulfillment to the lives of older adults. The enrichment programming in an ALF provides structure to the resident’s day and gives them different events to attend throughout the day. While the programming may differ from community to community the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services has regulated the following to occur in every ALF:

   NAC 449.260  Activities for residents. (NRS 449.0302)

1.  The caregivers employed by a residential facility shall:

(a) Ensure that the residents are afforded an opportunity to enjoy their privacy, participate in physical activities, relax and associate with other residents;

(b) Provide group activities that provide mental and physical stimulation and develop creative skills and interests;

(c) Plan recreational opportunities that are suited to the interests and capacities of the residents;

(d) Provide each resident with a written program of activities;

(e) Provide for the residents at least 10 hours each week of scheduled activities that are suited to their interests and capacities;

(f) Encourage the residents to participate in the activities scheduled pursuant to paragraph (e); and

(g) Post, in a common area of the facility, a calendar of activities for each month that notifies residents of the major activities that will occur in the facility. The calendar must be:

(1) Prepared at least 1 month in advance; and

(2) Kept on file at the facility for not less than 6 months after it expires.

2.  The administrator of a residential facility with at least 20 residents shall appoint a member of the staff of the facility who will be responsible for the organization, conduct and evaluation of activities for the residents. The person so appointed shall ensure that the activities are suited to the interests and capacities of the residents.

3.  The administrator of a residential facility with 50 or more residents shall, in addition to appointing a member of the staff of the facility pursuant to subsection 2, appoint such other members of the staff as the administrator deems necessary to assist the person who is responsible for conducting the activities.

4.  A residential facility shall have areas of sufficient size to conduct indoor and outdoor activities, including, without limitation:

(a) A common area that complies with the provisions of NAC 449.216; and

(b) An outdoor activity area that is easily accessible for the residents and is safe from vehicular traffic.

Pro Tip:

  • Ask for input from your residents as to what type of activities they would like to see in the community.
  • Provide incentives for residents to attend events. You could give them ‘community name’ bucks to spend in a community store
  • Build buy-in from all staff members to promote healthy activities of residents