NAC 449.085  Governing body; bylaws.

     1.  Every facility must have a governing body which has the ultimate authority for the administration of the overall program.

     2.  The governing body shall adopt written bylaws and policies that define the powers and duties of the governing body, its committees, the administrator and any advisory group.

     3.  The bylaws and policies must:

     (a) Identify the overall goals.

     (b) Include an organizational chart.

     (c) Define the major lines of authority and areas of responsibility within the treatment program.

     (d) Define the membership of the governing body, the types of membership, the method of selection or appointment of members, offices or committees and their terms of office.

     (e) Define the frequency of meetings of the governing body and attendance requirements.

     4.  The duties of the governing body include, but are not limited to, the following items:

     (a) Appointment of a qualified administrator with authority and responsibilities appropriate to the requirements of the program;

     (b) Adoption, review and revision of the governing body’s bylaws and policies;

     (c) Adoption of controls designed to achieve and maintain maximum standards of service; and

     (d) Review and approval of an annual budget to carry out the objectives of the program.

     5.  New facilities must show sufficient resources to operate for 120 days.

     6.  The governing body shall retain the ultimate responsibility for the overall program and its objectives.

     7.  The governing body shall meet at least semiannually. Minutes must be kept of the meetings, including the date of the meeting, those in attendance, topics discussed, decisions made and actions taken, target dates for the implementation of recommendations and all program reports.