The ability for your community to run efficiently with high census and top marks from
OHCQ will largely fall on the shoulder of the quality assurance program. Having a QA
program in place will allow your community to address trending issues that arise in your
day-to-day operation. For more information check out the following regulation provided by

.13 Administration.

A. Quality Assurance.
(1) The assisted living program shall develop and implement a quality assurance plan.
(2) Quality Assurance Plan.
(a) The assisted living manager and the delegating nurse shall meet at least every 6 months to review the:
(i) Change in status of the program’s residents;
(ii) Outcomes of pharmacy reviews;
(iii) Service plan requirements; and
(iv) Written recommendations or findings of the consultant pharmacist, as required by Regulation .29J of
this chapter.
(b) The assisted living manager shall document the proceedings of the meeting referred to in §A(2)(a) of this

B. Family Council.
(1) If assisted living program residents have a family council, the assisted living program shall make reasonable
attempts to cooperate with the family council.
(2) The family council for an assisted living program may consist of the following members:
(a) Members of a current resident’s family; or
(b) An individual appointed by a current resident, or if the resident is incapable of appointing an individual,
an individual appointed by the resident’s family.
C. Resident Councils.
(1) If an assisted living program has a resident council, the assisted living program shall make reasonable
attempts to cooperate with the residents’ council.(2) A resident council shall consist of current residents of the assisted living program


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