1. Quality Assurance.

(1) The [assisted living program] manager shall develop and implement a quality assurance plan.

(2) Quality Assurance Plan.

(a) The [assisted living] manager and the delegating nurse or case manager shall meet at least every 6 months to review the:

(i) Change in status of the program’s residents;

(ii) Outcomes of pharmacy reviews;

(iii) Service plan requirements; and

(iv) Written recommendations or findings of the consultant pharmacist, as required by Regulation [.29J]

(b) The [assisted living] manager shall document the proceedings of the meeting referred to in §A(2)(a) of this regulation.

  1. Family Council.

(1) If [assisted living] program residents have a family council, the assisted living program shall make reasonable attempts to cooperate with the family council.

(2) The family council for [an assisted living] program may consist of the following members:

(a) Members of a current resident’s family; or

(b) An individual appointed by a current resident, or if the resident is incapable of appointing an individual, an individual appointed by the resident’s family.

  1. Resident Councils.

(1) If [an assisted living] program has a resident council, the [assisted living] program shall make reasonable attempts to cooperate with the residents’ council.

(2) A resident council shall consist of current residents of the assisted living program.