R 325.1914 Administrative actions.

Rule 14. (1) Orders and notices of intended action regarding licensure that are issued
by the department against a home or applicant shall be in writing, and shall include all of
the following:
(a) The nature of the action or intended action by the department.
(b) A brief statement of the facts on which the department’s action or intended action is
(c) The legal authority and jurisdiction for the action or intended action.
(d) A reference to the applicable sections of the act and rules.
(e) A statement regarding any rights to a hearing that are provided by the act or R
(f) Any written requirement and deadline for a response from the home or applicant to
the administrative action.
(2) Orders and notices of intended action shall be served on the home or applicant
personally or by certified mail.
(3) Failure of the home or applicant to respond to an order or a notice within 30 days
shall constitute a default.