481—57.9(135C) Administrator.

Each residential care facility shall have one person in charge, duly
approved by the department or acting in a provisional capacity in accordance with these regulations.

57.9(1) The administrator shall be at least 18 years of age and shall have a high school diploma or
equivalent. (III) In addition, this person shall meet at least one of the following conditions:
a. Be a licensed nursing home administrator; or (III)
b. Have completed a one-year educational training program approved by the department for
residential care facility administrators; or (III)
c. Have two years of supervised experience in a residential care facility, at least six months of
which was in an administrative capacity. (III)
57.9(2) The administrator may act as an administrator for not more than two residential care
facilities. (II)
a. The distance between the two facilities shall be no greater than 50 miles. (II)
b. The administrator shall spend the equivalent of three full eight-hour days per week in each
facility. (II)
c. The administrator may be responsible for no more than 150 beds in total if the administrator is
an administrator of more than one facility. (II)
57.9(3) The licensee may be the approved administrator providing the licensee meets the
requirements set forth in these regulations and devotes the required time to administrative duties.
Residency in the facility does not in itself meet the requirement. (III)
57.9(4) A provisional administrator may be appointed on a temporary basis by the residential care
facility licensee to assume the administrative responsibilities for a residential care facility for a period
not to exceed six months when, through no fault of its own, the home has lost its administrator and has
not been able to replace the administrator provided the department has been notified prior to the date of
the administrator’s appointment. (III)
57.9(5) In the absence of the administrator, a responsible person shall be designated in writing to the
department to be in charge of the facility. (III) The person designated shall:
a. Be knowledgeable of the operation of the facility; (III)
b. Have access to records concerned with the operation of the facility; (III)
c. Be capable of carrying out administrative duties and of assuming administrative
responsibilities; (III)
d. Be at least 18 years of age; (III)
e. Be empowered to act on behalf of the licensee during the administrator’s absence concerning
the health, safety, and welfare of the residents; (III)
f. Have had the training to carry out assignments and take care of emergencies and sudden illnesses
of residents. (III)
57.9(6) An administrator of only one facility shall be considered as a full-time employee. Full-time
employment is defined as 40 hours per week. (III)


481—57.10(135C) Administration.
57.10(1) The licensee shall:
a. Assume the responsibility for the overall operation of the residential care facility; (III)
b. Be responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and with the rules of the department;
c. Establish written policies, which shall be available for review, for the operation of the residential
care facility. (III)
57.10(2) The administrator shall:
a. Be responsible for the selection and direction of competent personnel who provide services for
the resident care program; (III)
b. Be responsible for the arrangement for all department heads to annually attend a minimum of
ten contact hours of educational programs to increase skills and knowledge needed for the position; (III)
c. Be responsible for a monthly in-service educational program for all employees and to maintain
records of programs and participants; (III)
d. Make available the residential care facility payroll records for departmental review as needed.(III)