Residents may include those who need or wish to have available room, board,
personal care, and supervision due to age, infirmity, physical disability, or social
dependency. Residents with advanced or higher care needs beyond routine personal
care may be accepted or retained if they can provide or arrange for care through
appropriate private duty personnel, do not need continuous nursing care for more than
90 days, and if the provider can meet their needs.
Providers may discharge residents when:

(1) the resident’s physician certifies that
the resident needs continuous nursing care, other than on a temporary basis not to
exceed 90 days, and the resident or responsible person is unable or unwilling to provide
private duty care and assume full responsibility for such care. In this situation, plans for
another placement must be made as soon as possible;

(2) the resident’s condition is
such that he or she is a danger to self or others or is consistently disruptive to the peace
and order of the facility, staff services, or other residents; or (3) when it comes to the
provider’s attention that a resident is being neglected due to the failure of the family or
the contracted outside agency to provide needed services.