Admitting to the facility

When you are admitting new residents into the community you must take many different situations into consideration to ensure you are able to provide the care necessary for each resident. The Washington DC The Community Residence Facilities Branch, Child and Residential Care Facilities Division, Health Regulation Administration has issued the following regulation in regard to admissions into the facility:


10108.1 No ALR may have more residents, including respite care residents, than the maximum bed capacity on its license.

10108.2 An ALR shall deny admission to an individual if the individualized service plan (ISP) that is developed prior to the individual’s admission, pursuant to section 604(a)(1) of the Act (D.C. Official Code § 44-106.04(a)(1)), does not indicate that the individual requires at least the minimal level of assistance with activities of daily living or instrumental activities of daily living provided by the ALR.

10108.3 For the purpose of § 601(d)(1) of the Act, physical or mental abuse of others or destruction of property shall be considered behavior that significantly and negatively impacts the lives of others. An ALR shall not admit an individual who at the time of initial admission, and as established by the initial assessment, exhibits such behavior where the ALR would be unable to eliminate it through the use of appropriate treatment modalities.

10108.4 An ALR shall consider the availability of mental health treatments offered by the District’s network of core service agencies and the Department of Behavioral Health prior to determining whether it can provide, or arrange for a third-party service to provide, appropriate services for an individual requiring mental health treatment.

Top Takeaway:

  • 1 No ALR may have more residents, including respite care residents, than the maximum bed capacity on its license.

It sounds pretty obvious, right? You cannot have more residents than you licensed for. But there are facilities that have been tagged for exceeding their licensure to receive extra income.


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