Annual Reports to the EOEA

Annual Reports to the EOEA

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs requests certain reports and statistics to be delivered to them on an annual basis to assist with the accumulation of data and trends within the assisted living residence industry. These reports and data are necessary to make changes within the environment and better understand the ever-changing needs of seniors. To ensure you stay compliant with your reporting requirements check out the following regulation:

(13) Reports to EOEA.

(a) Annual Reports.

  1. A Sponsor shall file annually, within 90 days following the end of an Assisted Living Residence’s fiscal year, a financial disclosure form prescribed by EOEA which sets forth a statement by the Sponsor based on reviewed or audited financial statements prepared by a certified public accountant. All financial statements must be sufficient to permit EOEA to assess the Residence’s fiscal condition and ability to meet the requirements of the service plans established for its Residents is adequate. Upon written request to EOEA, the Secretary may extend such 90-day period by an additional period, not to exceed 30 days.
  2. Each Residence shall file annually, on a form approved by EOEA, a report of aggregate information regarding Residents which is based, where applicable, on the most recent Resident assessments and service plans. The reporting period shall be January 1st through December 31 , and the report shall be submitted to EOEA no later than March 1 st st of the next year. Failure to timely submit each annual report will result in a finding of noncompliance at the next Certification review. The report shall indicate:
  3. As of December 31 : st
  4. The number of current Residents, their ages, and self-identified gender;
  5. The percentage of all current Residents with a medical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia; and

iii. The number of Special Care Residents;

  1. Percentage of residents currently receiving SAMM, LMA or both SAMM and LMA;
  2. The average and numerical range of ADLs with which current Residents receive assistance; and
  3. For any Residence that participates in the MassHealth Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC) program, the percentage of Residents enrolled in GAFC, in the SSI-G living arrangement, or receiving a Section 8 housing subsidy.
  4. For the entire reporting period:
  5. The average Resident census for the reporting period and the total Resident census for each month of the reporting period;
  6. The total number of Resident tenancies concluded during the reporting period, categorized by the reason for termination (e.g., anticipated and Unanticipated Death, greater care needs, moved to another Residence); and

iii. The average length of stay for all Resident tenancies concluded during the reporting period.

  1. Additional information that EOEA may require, on written notice to all certified Assisted Living Residences.

(b) Additional Reporting Requirements.

  1. All information required by 651 CMR 12.03(2) or otherwise required by the Secretary shall be kept current by each Applicant or Sponsor. The Sponsor must notify the Secretary in writing at least 30 days prior to any Alteration of the Residence, its Units, or its operating plan. Such notice shall identify the specific changes made to any document which would amend, supplement, update or otherwise alter the operating plan, original Application or renewal for Certification shall be filed with EOEA at least 30 days prior to its effective date. In addition to the requirements of 651 CMR 12.04(11)(c), the Sponsor shall forward to EOEA a copy of any report or citation of a violation of applicable provisions of the State Sanitary Code, State Building Code, fire safety regulations or other regulations affecting the health, safety, or welfare of Residents within seven days of receipt of notice of such violation.
  2. Within ten business days after an Assisted Living Residence Manager leaves his or her position, the Residence shall forward the contact information for any interim or new Residence Manager to EOEA, including telephone number(s) and email address.