Annual staff training plan

Annual staff training plan

Understanding the training needs for staff members is key to developing an effective training plan. Each facility should take steps to evaluate their employees and determine what areas of focus should be included in the training plan. For more information as to what is expected by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services check out the following regulation:

  • 2800.66. Staff training plan.

(a) A staff training plan shall be developed annually.

(b) The plan must include training aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of the residence’s direct care staff persons in carrying out their job responsibilities. The staff training plan must include the following:

(1) The name, position and duties of each direct care staff person.

(2) The required training courses for each staff person.

(3) The dates, times and locations of the scheduled training for each staff person for the upcoming year.

(c) Documentation of compliance with the staff training plan shall be kept