Appealing the decision

So, you don’t agree with the CCLD regarding a deficiency or the direction to relocate a resident due to their increased care needs? Fortunately, there is a process for appealing this decision through an administrative review to possibly overturn the ruling. Check out the following regulation for more information:


(a) For purposes of this article, any request for administrative review of a notice of deficiency, a notice of penalty, or health condition relocation order shall be submitted by the licensee or his/her designated representative in writing to the Department and, in addition to the requirements of Section 87763, Appeal Process, shall include the following:

(1) The reason(s) the licensee disagrees with the notice or order.

(2) Information about the resident as specified in Section 87611(a).

(3) A current appraisal or reappraisal of the resident as specified in Sections 87457(c)(1) and 87463, Reappraisals.

(4) A written statement from the resident’s placement agency, if any, addressing the notice or order.