37.106.2816 ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY STAFFING (1) The administrator shall develop minimum qualifications for the hiring of direct care staff and support staff.

  • The administrator shall develop policies and procedures for screening, hiring and assessing staff which include practices that assist the employer in identifying employees that may pose risk or threat to the health, safety or welfare of any resident and provide written documentation of findings and the outcome in the employee’s
  • New employees shall receive orientation and training in areas relevant to the employee’s duties and responsibilities, including:
    • an overview of the facility’s policies and procedures manual in areas relevant to the employee’s job responsibilities;
    • a review of the employee’s job description;
    • services provided by the facility;
    • the Montana Elder and Persons with Developmental Disabilities Abuse Prevention Act found at 52-3-801, MCA; and
    • the Montana Long-Term Care Resident Bill of Rights Act found at 50-5-1101,
  • In addition to meeting the requirements of (3), direct care staff shall be trained to perform the services established in each resident service
  • Direct care staff shall be trained in the use of the abdominal thrust maneuver and basic first aid. If the facility offers cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), at least one person per shift shall hold a current CPR
  • The following rules must be followed in staffing the assisted living facility:
  • direct care staff shall have knowledge of the resident’s needs and any events about which the employee should notify the administrator or the administrator’s designated representative;
  • the facility shall have a sufficient number of qualified staffonduty24hoursadaytomeetthe scheduled and unscheduled needs of each resident, to respond in emergency situations, and all related services, including, but not limited to:
  • maintenance of order, safety and cleanliness;
  • assistance with medication regimens;
  • preparation and service of meals;
  • housekeeping services and assistance with laundry; and
  • assurance that each resident receives the supervision and care required by the service or health care plan to meet the resident’s basic needs;
  • an individual on each work shift shall have keys to all relevant resident care areas and access to all items needed to provide appropriate resident care;
  • direct care staff may not perform any service for which they have not received appropriate documented training; and
  • facility staff may not perform any health care service that has not been appropriately delegated under the Montana Nurse Practice Act or in the case of licensed health care professionals that is beyond the scope of their
  • Employees and volunteers may perform support services, such as cooking, housekeeping, laundering, general maintenance and office work after receiving an orientation to the appropriate sections of the facility’s policy and procedure manual. Any person providing direct care, however, is subject to the orientation and training requirements for direct care
  • Volunteers may be utilized in the facility, but may not be included in the facility’s staffing plan in lieu of facility In addition, the use of volunteers is subject to the following:
    • volunteers must be supervised and be familiar with resident rights and the facility’s policy and procedures which apply to their duties as a volunteer; and
    • volunteers shall not assist with medication administration, delegated nursing tasks, bathing, toileting or
  • Residents may participate voluntarily in performing household duties and other tasks suited to the individual resident’s needs and abilities, but residents may not be used as substitutes for required staff or be required to perform household duties or other facility


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