CAPACITY OF BUILDING(S):  No facility shall house more residents than the maximum bed capacity for which it is licensed.

  1.             Each individual building containing resident activities, services or sleeping rooms on the premises shall be separately licensed.
  2.             Buildings on the grounds of the licensed facility and all rooms within the licensed buildings that are used by the residents of the facility shall be subject to inspection for health and safety standards.
  3.             All facilities shall comply with the state building code and fire codes, pursuant to 14.7 NMAC.

                                (1)           Facilities with sixteen (16) residents or fewer are classified as “group R.”

                                (2)           Facilities with more than sixteen (16) residents are classified as “group I-1.”

                                (3)           Facilities with more than five (5) residents who are not capable of self-preservation are classified as “group I-2.”

  1.             Facilities shall provide separate sleeping quarters for male and female residents unless they are married or the arrangement is consensual.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]