§ 44-103.05. Changes in licensee.
(a) The following changes occurring within an ALR shall require revision of the license:
(1) Change in the maximum number of residents for which the facility is licensed;
(2) Name change of the ALR;
(3) Change in ownership of the ALR;
(4) Change in location of the ALR; or
(5) Voluntary closure of the ALR.
(b) A request for changes that requires the issuance of a license shall be made in writing
to the Mayor at least 60 days in advance of the effectiveness of the changes. An application
fee, as established by the Mayor, shall accompany a request for changes.
(c)(1) The licensee shall notify residents and their surrogates of any proposed changes set
forth in its request for changes, in writing, 60 days before the effective date of the proposed
(2) A licensee shall include the following information in its request for changes:
(A) The method for informing residents and their surrogates of its intent to make the
requested changes; and
(B) The actions the licensee shall take to assist residents in securing comparable housing, if
(d)(1) Whenever there is a change of ownership, sale, assignment, or other transfer of an ALR
from the person or organization named on the license to another person or organization, the
transferee shall apply for a new license.
(2) A transferee shall apply for a new license at least 60 days before the final transfer.
(3) The licensee named under the current license shall remain responsible for the operation of
the ALR until a new license is issued to the transferee.
(4) The Mayor shall issue a new license to the transferee if the transferee meets the
requirements for licensure under this chapter. Upon issuanc of the new license to the
transferee, the transferor shall return its license to the Mayor by certified mail.