§ 44-104.02. Civil Penalties.

(a) The Mayor may impose one or more of the civil penalties authorized under § 44-509
against persons who:
(1) Maintain or operate an unlicensed ALR; or
(2) Otherwise violate provisions of this chapter.
(b) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, penalties authorized under § 44-509 shall not
be imposed by the Mayor unless a violation, cited during an inspection:
(1) Is within the control of the ALR; and
(2) Poses an immediate or serious and continuing danger to the health, safety, welfare, or
rights of residents.
(c) If during a follow-up inspection the Mayor determines that violations within the control of
the facility which were cited in an immediately prior inspection have not been corrected or
have recurred, the Mayor may impose penalties authorized under § 44-509