Clearly in view

When designing any type of marketing material such as internet advertising, pens, notepads, newspaper/magazine advertisement, etc. you must ensure your license number is clearly stated on the item. You must also include the same information on any signage. Check out the full regulation provided by CCLD below:


  • In accordance with Health and Safety Code sections 1569.68 and 1569.681, licensees shall reveal each facility’s license number in all public advertisements, including the Internet, or correspondence.

Health and Safety Code section 1569.681 provides:

(a) Each residential care facility for the elderly licensed under this chapter shall reveal its license number in all advertisements, publications, or announcements made with the intent to attract clients or residents.

(b) Advertisements, publications, or announcements subject to the requirements of subdivision (a) referred to herein include, but are not limited to, those contained in the following:

(1) Newspaper or magazine.

(2) Consumer report.

(3) Announcement of intent to commence business.

(4) Telephone directory yellow pages.

(5) Professional or service directory.

(6) Radio or television commercial. Health and Safety Code section 1569.68 provides: All residential care facilities shall be required to include their current license number in any public advertisement or correspondence.

(b) Licensees who operate more than one facility and use a common advertisement for these facilities shall be required to list each facility license number in accordance with Health and Safety Code sections 1569.681 and 1569.68.