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Advertise Directly to Assisted Living Facilities

Visitors on ALF Boss are ALF operators and decision makers that are 65%
more likely to try Assisted Living products + services we promote

Get exposed to thousands of Assisted Living professionals in targeted locations

Unique audience of exactly who you are trying to sell to.


We are the #1 information and compliance resource destination for Florida's Assisted Living Facility operators.Providing a unique advertising solution for your business

Targeted marketing made easy

How? We use our different platforms visited solely by Assisted Living Professionals to push your services.

Target specific locations in Florida

You can choose which specific counties you want to be the Exclusive Community Partner for your industry in just 5 simple steps:

Our Software is used by thousands of Florida ALF's Everyday. Sponsors are viewed within the software an average of 465 times a day!

Examples of Providers That Are a Good Fit For Our Audience

Home Health


Facility Physicians







Roofing, Plumbers.Electricians

Food Sevice


Helping Hundreds of Companies Get NEW ALF Accounts $$

Target locations in Florida

Platforms We Use To Get You In Front Of The Decision Makers

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We offer low monthly rates from $200 a month

Way more affordable and efficient than a sales rep.
Let us get you pre-qualified leads.

Meeting & Planning

Choose your goal, location and campaign duration.

Content Strategy

Determine key company aspects to be covered during the campaign

Create Content

Collaborate with ALF Boss to provide information upon request for content creation.

Released Ads

3 Ad placements during any active campaign

We have industry leaders as part of our Sponsor Community. Here’s their feedback
Emad Owner Elite Pharmacy
Emad Owner Elite PharmacyTampa
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As a smaller company this instantly got my company in front of hudreds of Assisted Living facilties. Being small a full time slaes rep was out of our budget. Now Instead of wasting money on someone making cold calls and visits to facilities the facilities contact us.The new buisness generarted has paid for the advertising cost by far.
Shelagh Grubb Plastridge Insurance
Shelagh Grubb Plastridge InsuranceStatewide
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Being in front of such a targeted audience in multiple ways, hundreds of times per day is a dream come true. When ALF decsion makers think Insurance we are their first contact.No way this could be acheived with a sales rep.
Broward Nursing Care
Broward Nursing CareBroward County
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Marketing to Assisted Living operators is a tough task. With ALF Boss we trippled our leads without having to use a company representive making cold calls and facility visits. Our comapny is in front of this target audience every day. The math of paying for ALF Boss to market us vs paying way more to a a full time representive that can't cover all the ALF's every day is Amazing!!
Advent Hospice Community Outreach
Advent Hospice Community OutreachOrange County
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We defietelty have a major advatage over our competiors in our region working with ALF Boss. The facility Administrators see our company over and over every day. When a hospice need comes up they simply click and get in contact with us instanlty. New facility leads have sky rocketed. We are excited that we were able to lockup our region as ALF Boss only allows one advertiser per catagory. So we are the only Hospice provider in our region on ALF Boss.


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