481—57.43 (135C) Communications.

Each resident may communicate, associate, and meet privately
with persons of the resident’s choice unless to do so would infringe upon the rights of other residents,
and may send and receive personal mail unopened. (II)
57.43(1) Subject to reasonable scheduling restrictions, visiting policies and procedures shall permit
residents to receive visits from anyone they wish. Visiting hours shall be posted. (II)
57.43(2) Reasonable, regular visiting hours shall not be less than 12 hours per day and shall take
into consideration the special circumstances of each visitor. A particular visitor(s) may be restricted by
the facility for one of the following reasons:
a. The resident refuses to see the visitor(s). (II)
b. The resident’s physician documents specific reasons why such a visit would be harmful to the resident’s health. (II)
c. The visitor’s behavior is unreasonably disruptive to the functioning of the facility (this
judgment must be made by the administrator and the reasons shall be documented and kept on file). (II)
57.43(3) Decisions to restrict a visitor are reviewed and reevaluated: each time the medical orders
are reviewed by the physician; at least quarterly by the facility’s staff; or at the resident’s request. (II)
57.43(4) Space shall be provided for residents to receive visitors in reasonable comfort and privacy.
57.43(5) Telephones consistent with ANSI standards(405.1134(c))shall be available and accessible
for residents to make and receive calls with privacy. Residents who need help shall be assisted in using the telephone. (II)
57.43(6) Arrangements shall be made to provide assistance to residents who require help in reading
or sending mail. (II)
57.43(7) Residents shall be permitted to leave the facility and environs at reasonable times unless
there are justifiable reasons established in writing by the attending physician, qualified intellectual
disabilities professional, or facility administrator for refusing permission. (II)
57.43(8) Residents shall not have their personal lives regulated beyond reasonable adherence to
meal schedules, bedtime hours, and other written policies which may be necessary for the orderly
management of the facility and as required by these rules. However, residents shall be encouraged to
participate in recreational programs. (II)


481—57.44(135C) Resident activities.

Each resident may participate in activities of social, religious,
and community groups at the resident’s discretion unless contraindicated for reasons documented by
the attending physician or qualified intellectual disabilities professional as appropriate in the resident’s
resident record. (II)
57.44(1) Residents who wish to meet with or participate in activities of social, religious, or other
community groups in or outside of the facility shall be informed, encouraged, and assisted to do so. (II)
57.44(2) All residents shall have the freedom to refuse to participate in these activities. (II)