Compliance Monitoring.

  1. The Department shall be responsible for monitoring and inspecting [assisted living] programs to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of this chapter.
  2. Consistent with an interagency agreement, the Department may delegate certain aspects of its monitoring, inspection, or waiver responsibilities to the Department of Aging or a local health department.
  3. The Department or its designee may conduct announced or unannounced licensure or complaint investigation visits.
  4. An assisted living] A program shall be surveyed on-site, at least annually. The Department may extend the time between surveys to up to 15 months if it determines that a licensee has demonstrated satisfactory compliance with this chapter.

The Department or those agencies delegated responsibility under this regulation, may inspect an assisted living program more frequently than annually through follow-up surveys, if it is considered necessary to ensure compliance with this chapter or for the purpose of investigating a complaint