CoConducting laundry services

Everybody loves doing laundry, right?! I am sure the answer is a resounding yes, especially when the laundry is someone else’s! Handling resident laundry can be a difficult task for facilities due to the massive amount they are tasked with. Alas, the OHCQ has issued the following regulation as to how facilities must perform laundry services in the state of Maryland:

.54 Laundry.
A. An assisted living program shall furnish laundry service, either on-site or off-site.
B. An assisted living program shall ensure that the laundry is:
(1) Adequate to meet the needs of the residents;
(2) Processed and handled in a manner to prevent the spread of infection; and
(3) Adequately sanitized by the use of sufficient hot water or appropriate chemical agents or a combination of
C. Unless otherwise agreed by the program and the resident, dry cleaning services are not considered part of
required laundry services in this chapter