(a) Before issuing a provisional license or license or renewing a license, the commissioner shall consider
an applicant’s compliance history in providing care in a facility that provides care to children, the elderly,
ill individuals, or individuals with disabilities.

(b) The applicant’s compliance history shall include repeat violation, rule violations, and any license or
certification involuntarily suspended or terminated during an enforcement process.

(c) The commissioner may deny, revoke, suspend, restrict, or refuse to renew the license or impose
conditions if:
(1) the applicant fails to provide complete and accurate information on the application and the
commissioner concludes that the missing or corrected information is needed to determine if a license shall
be granted;
(2) the applicant, knowingly or with reason to know, made a false statement of a material fact in an
application for the license or any data attached to the application or in any matter under investigation by the
(3) the applicant refused to allow agents of the commissioner to inspect its books, records, and files
related to the license application, or any portion of the premises;
(4) the applicant willfully prevented, interfered with, or attempted to impede in any way: (i) the work
of any authorized representative of the commissioner, the ombudsman for long-term care, or the ombudsman
for mental health and developmental disabilities; or (ii) the duties of the commissioner, local law enforcement,
city or county attorneys, adult protection, county case managers, or other local government personnel;
(5) the applicant has a history of noncompliance with federal or state regulations that were detrimental
to the health, welfare, or safety of a resident or a client; or
(6) the applicant violates any requirement in this chapter.
(d) If a license is denied, the applicant has the reconsideration rights available under section 144G.16,