481—57.14(135C) Contracts.

Each contract shall:
57.14(1) State the base rate or scale per day or per month, the services included, and the method of
payment; (III)
57.14(2) Contain a complete schedule of all offered services for which a fee may be charged in
addition to the base rate. (III) Furthermore, the contract shall:
a. Stipulate that no further additional fees shall be charged for items not contained in complete
schedule of services as set forth in subsection 2; (III)
b. State the method of payment of additional charges; (III)
c. Contain an explanation of the method of assessment of such additional charges and an
explanation of the method of periodic reassessment, if any, resulting in changing such additional
charges; (III)
d. State that additional fees may be charged to the resident for nonprescription drugs, other
personal supplies, and services by a barber, beautician, etc. (III)
57.14(3) Contain an itemized list of those services, with the specific fee the resident will be charged
and method of payment, as related to the resident’s current condition, based on the program assessment
at the time of admission, which is determined in consultation with the administrator; (III)
57.14(4) Include the total fee to be charged initially to the specific resident; (III)
57.14(5) State the conditions whereby the facility may make adjustments to its overall fees for
resident care as a result of changing costs. (III) Furthermore, the contract shall provide that the facility
shall give:
a. Written notification to the resident, or the responsible party when appropriate, of changes in
the overall rates of both base and additional charges at least 30 days prior to the effective date of such
changes; (III)
b. Notification to the resident, or responsible party when appropriate, of changes in additional
charges, based on a change in the resident’s condition. Notification must occur prior to the date such
revised additional charges begin. If notification is given orally, subsequent written notification must be
also given within a reasonable time, not to exceed one week, listing specifically the adjustments made.
57.14(6) State the terms of agreement in regard to refund of all advance payments, in the event of
transfer, death, voluntary, or involuntary discharge; (III)
57.14(7) State the terms of agreement concerning the holding and charging for a bed when a resident
is hospitalized or leaves the facility temporarily for recreational or therapeutic reasons. The terms shall
contain a provision that the bed will be held at the request of the resident or the resident’s responsible
a. The facility shall ask the resident or responsible party if they want the bed held. This request
shall be made before the resident leaves or within 48 hours after the resident leaves. The inquiry and the
response shall be documented. (II)
b. The facility shall reserve the bed when requested for aslong as payments are made in accordance
with the contract. (II)
57.14(8) State the conditions under which the involuntary discharge or transfer of a resident would
be effected; (III)
57.14(9) State the conditions of voluntary discharge or transfer; (III)
57.14(10) Set forth any other matters deemed appropriate by the parties to the contract. No contract
or any provision thereof shall be drawn or construed so as to relieve any health care facility of any
requirement or obligation imposed upon it by this chapter or any standards or rules in force pursuant to
this chapter; (III)
57.14(11) Each party shall receive a copy of the signed contract. (III)