Declining to renew a resident’s contract

So, you have decided you will not renew the contract for a resident to remain in your community. This could be for a multitude of reasons; maybe they are the type of resident you cannot satisfy no matter what lengths you take, or they look to be outgrowing your licensure and you need to ensure they are transferred to a location that can better meet their needs. Regardless of why you are choosing not to renew the contract, you must adhere to the following regulation provided by Minnesota ALLHRD:


(a) If a facility decides to not renew a resident’s housing under a contract, the facility must either (1) provide the resident with 60 calendar days’ notice of the nonrenewal and assistance with relocation planning, or (2) follow the termination procedure under section 144G.52.

(b) The notice must include the reason for the nonrenewal and contact information of the Office of Ombudsman for Long-Term Care.

(c) A facility must:

(1) provide notice of the nonrenewal to the Office of Ombudsman for Long-Term Care;

(2) for residents who receive home and community-based waiver services under chapter 256S and section 256B.49, provide notice to the resident’s case manager;

(3) ensure a coordinated move to a safe location, as defined in section 144G.55, subdivision 2, that is appropriate for the resident;

(4) ensure a coordinated move to an appropriate service provider identified by the facility, if services are still needed and desired by the resident;

(5) consult and cooperate with the resident, legal representative, designated representative, case manager for a resident who receives home and community-based waiver services under chapter 256S and section 256B.49, relevant health professionals, and any other persons of the resident’s choosing to make arrangements to move the resident, including consideration of the resident’s goals; and

(6) prepare a written plan to prepare for the move.

(d) A resident may decline to move to the location the facility identifies or to accept services from a service provider the facility identifies, and may instead choose to move to a location of the resident’s choosing or receive services from a service provider of the resident’s choosing within the timeline prescribed in the nonrenewal notice.



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