0026 – Resident Care – Social & Leisure Activities – SBA-5.0182(2) FAC

Based on observation and interview. the facility failed to consult with residents in selecting. planning and scheduling activities, and failed to provide a diversified individual and group activities adapted to resident needs, abilities and preferences 6 days a week for 48 out of 48 residents (Resident #1-#48)

This is evidenced by:

Review of the facility’s activities calendar posted in the activity room revealed a large calendar on the wall for the month of March Activities scheduled for today include word game and poker. There are no time frames documented on the calendar. Other activities scheduled for the month included bingo memory game, word game, Yahtzee, and movie. Friendly visits are scheduled for every Saturday and Sunday of the month. There is no indication as to the types of movies being offered. There was nothing planned for Sunday the calendar simply said Happy St. Patrick‘s Day.

On (date) at 10:00 am found at least 20 residents sitting in the courtyard area, mostly sitting in silence.A few residents were conversing among themselves, 2 -3 were noted to be watching television on the back deck, but there were no individual or staff lead activities taking place. there was no music playing. There were four residents in the activity room being intermittently monitored by staff. At: 11:40 am, several resident were waiting on lunch to start in the area outside the dining room. No activities were taking place.

Observation on at 1:15 pm after lunch, there were no activities noted taking place in the activities room or in the courtyard where the residents were placed by staff after lunch. Observation again at 2:20 pm. there were no activities taking place in the activity room or anywhere in the facility and Resident #1 was taken to her room for care and a nap, Resident #2 remained in his wheelchair just outside the dining room door and Resident #9 remained in the courtyard.

Class III