ST – A0007 – Admissions – Criteria

This Statute or Rule is not met as evidenced by.

Based on observation, interview and record 1 review the facility failed to discharge/refer to one of twelve residents (#3) that no longer meets residency criteria.

Findings include:

Observation on (date) at 1:52pm revealed one of twelve residents was not able to ambulate, or transfer with staff assistance (two persons assist). Resident #3 was not able to perform the activities of daily living, with supervision or assistance if necessary.

Interview with the owner/administrator on (date) at 1:57pm confirmed residents #3 was not able to ambuiate or transfer with staff assistance. Review of medical records for resident #3 revealed the agency for health care administration form 1823 was checked as resident needing assistance with activities of daily living and transfers. Residents #3 required total assistance with activities of daily living.