13.1        Food Safety.   An Assisted Living Program site with a community kitchen must have a valid license from the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Health Engineering.  Meals prepared off-site must be prepared by an appropriately licensed provider.


13.2        Consumer participation in meal planning.  Consumers shall be encouraged to participate in food planning.


13.3        Meals.  Food shall be served at the proper temperatures.


13.4        Registered dietitian.  A registered dietitian shall be required to sign off annually on menus and menu cycles.


13.5        Planned menus.  Menus shall be planned in accordance with consumers’ needs and preferences.


13.6        Therapeutic diets.  Therapeutic diets are considered treatments and shall be ordered, in writing, by a duly authorized licensed practitioner.  Menus for medically prescribed therapeutic diets shall be planned, in writing, and approved by a registered dietitian.


13.7        Food supplies.  For Assisted Living Programs that prepare meals on-site, supplies of perishable foods for a forty-eight (48) hour period and supplies of non-perishable foods for a three (3) day period shall be on hand to meet the requirements of the planned menus.