Dietary services.

The facility must meet the dietary needs of the residents and provide dietary services in conformance with the North Dakota sanitary requirements for food establishments. Dietary services must include:


  1. A minimum of three meals each Meals must be nutritious and well-balanced in accordance with the recommended dietary allowances of the food and nutrition board of the national research council, national academy of sciences.
  2. No more than a fourteen-hour span may exist between an evening meal and
  3. Snacks between meals and in the evening. These snacks must be listed on the daily menu. Vending machines may not be the only source of
  4. Provisions for prescribed diets, if the facility accepts or retains individuals in need of such diets.
    1. The facility shall provide for preparation and serving of prescribed
    2. Menus for prescribed diets must be planned and reviewed as needed by a professional consistent with North Dakota Century Code chapter 43-44.
  5. Menus of food served, which must be kept for at least three
  6. Preparation of food by methods that will conserve nutritive value and enhance flavor and appearance, and be served at the proper temperatures and in a form to meet individual
  7. Meals must be served to all residents in a dining room, except for residents with a temporary illness.