NAC 449.147  Dietary services. 

     1.  Facilities must serve at least three meals or their equivalent daily, at regular times, with not more than 14 hours between a substantial evening meal and breakfast. A second serving must be provided for those clients who desire one.

     2.  Menus must be planned and followed to meet the nutritional needs of the clients in accordance with the recommended dietary allowances of the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

     3.  Therapeutic menus must be planned by a licensed dietitian or must be reviewed and approved by the client’s attending or staff physician.

     4.  Menus must be in writing, planned in advance, dated and posted, and kept on file for 90 days. Any substitution must be noted on the written menus so that the menu on file reflects what was actually served.

     5.  Adequate facilities and equipment for the preparation, serving, refrigeration and storage of food in a sanitary manner must be provided.

     6.  A facility with more than 10 clients must:

     (a) Comply with all applicable provisions of chapter 446 of NRS and the regulations adopted pursuant thereto;

     (b) Obtain the necessary permits from the Division;

     (c) Maintain a report of each inspection concerning the sanitation of the facility for at least 1 year after the date of the inspection; and

     (d) Maintain a report of each corrective action taken to address a deficiency noted in a report described in paragraph (c) for at least 1 year after the date of the corrective action.

     7.  Clients needing special equipment, implements or utensils to assist them while eating must have such items provided.

     8.  If a facility operates on the cottage plan, provision must be made for food service that assures hot, palatable meals.

     9.  A licensed dietitian must be used as a consultant on planning meals and serving food. Consultation each month is required.

     10.  All facilities that contract with food management companies must comply with the applicable regulations of the Division as provided in chapter 446 of NAC.