481—57.41(135C) Dignity preserved.

The resident shall be treated with consideration, respect, and full
recognition of dignity and individuality, including privacy in treatment and in care for personal needs.(II)
57.41(1) Staff shall display respect for residents when speaking with, caring for, or talking about
them, as constant affirmation of their individuality and dignity as human beings. (II)
57.41(2) Schedules of daily activities shall allow maximum flexibility for residents to exercise
choice about what they will do and when they will do it. Residents’ individual preferences regarding
such things as menus, clothing, religious activities, friendships, activity programs, entertainment,
sleeping and eating, also times to retire at night and arise in the morning shall be elicited and considered
by the facility. (II)
57.41(3) Residents shall be examined and treated in a manner that maintains the privacy of their
bodies. A closed door or a drawn curtain shall shield the resident from passersby. People not involved
in the care of the residents shall not be present without the resident’s consent while the resident is being
examined or treated. (II)
57.41(4) Privacy of a resident’s body also shall be maintained during toileting, bathing, and other
activities of personal hygiene, except as needed for resident safety or assistance. (II)
57.41(5) Staffshall knock and be acknowledged before entering a resident’sroom unlessthe resident
is not capable of a response. This shall not apply under emergency conditions. (II)