Disclosure to the public

There is no worse thing than to start any relationship off with falsities, especially when it is in relation to the care of a senior. It is always best served for both the facility and resident to have a transparent relationship where both parties are free to honestly communicate the expectations, they have for one another. The following regulation is provided by Virginia DOSS to ensure communities are disclosing pertinent information to the public:

22VAC40-73-50. Disclosure.

  1. The assisted living facility shall prepare and provide a statement to the prospective resident and his legal representative, if any, that discloses information about the facility. The statement shall be on a form developed by the department and shall:
  2. Disclose information fully and accurately in plain language;
  3. Be provided in advance of admission and prior to signing an admission agreement or contract;
  4. Be provided upon request; and
  5. Disclose the following information, which shall be kept current:
  6. Name of the facility;
  7. Name of the licensee;
  8. The ownership structure of the facility (e.g., individual, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, unincorporated association, or public agency);
  9. Description of all accommodations, services, and care that the facility offers;
  10. Fees charged for accommodations, services, and care, including clear information about what is included in the base fee and all fees for additional accommodations, services, and care;
  11. Criteria for admission to the facility and restrictions on admission;
  12. Criteria for transfer to a different living area within the same facility, including transfer to another level or type of care within the same facility or complex;
  13. Criteria for discharge;
  14. Categories, frequency, and number of activities provided for residents;
  15. General number, position types, and qualifications of staff on each shift;
  16. Whether or not the facility maintains liability insurance that provides at least the minimum amount of coverage established by the board for disclosure purposes set forth in 22VAC40-73-45 to compensate residents or other individuals for injuries and losses from negligent acts of the facility. The facility shall state in the disclosure statement the minimum amount of coverage established by the board in 22VAC40-73-45;
  17. Whether or not the facility has an on-site emergency electrical power source for the provision of electricity during an interruption of the normal electric power supply. If the facility does have an on-site emergency electrical power source, the statement must include:

(i) the items for which the source will supply power and

(ii) whether or not the staff of the facility has been trained to maintain and operate the power source. For the purposes of this subdivision, an on-site emergency electrical power supply shall include both permanent emergency electrical power sources and portable emergency electrical power sources, provided that such temporary electrical power supply source remains on the premises of the facility at all times. Written acknowledgment of the disclosure shall be evidenced by the signature or initials of the resident or his legal representative immediately following the on-site emergency electrical power source disclosure statement.

  1. Notation that additional information about the facility that is included in the resident agreement is available upon request; and
  2. The department’s website address, with a note, that additional information about the facility may be obtained from the website.
  3. Written acknowledgment of the receipt of the disclosure by the resident or his legal representative shall be retained in the resident’s record.
  4. The disclosure statement shall also be available to the general public, upon request.

Top Takeaway:

  • Disclose the following information, which shall be kept current: a-n

The disclosure statement is an all-encompassing document that provides the public with pertinent information to the general public. This should include your operational structure, services provided to residents, the fees associated with the services as well as staffing information.



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