Documenting personal information

It is always an exciting time when a new resident chooses to move into your community! Many hours of work from your team have paid off and now you welcome a new member to the “family”- but it is not done yet! The state of Virginia requires you to collect the following information for every person living in an Assisted Living Facility. Check out the regulations below as to what needs to be included in the resident record, mandated by DOSS:

22VAC40-73-380. Resident personal and social information.

  1. Prior to or at the time of admission to an assisted living facility, the following personal and social information on a person shall be obtained:
  2. Name;
  3. Last home address, and address from which resident was received, if different;
  4. Date of admission;
  5. Birthdate or if unknown estimated age;
  6. Birthplace, if known;
  7. Marital status, if known;
  8. Name, address, and telephone number of all legal representatives, if any;
  9. If there is a legal representative, copies of current legal documents that show proof of each legal representative’s authority to act on behalf of the resident and that specify the scope of the representative’s authority to make decisions and to perform other functions;
  10. Name, address, and telephone number of next of kin, if known (two preferred);
  11. Name, address, and telephone number of a designated contact person authorized by the resident or legal representative, if appropriate, for notification purposes, including emergency notification and notification of the need for mental health, intellectual disability, substance abuse, or behavioral disorder services – if the resident or legal representative is willing to designate an authorized contact person. There may be more than one designated contact person. The designated contact person may also be listed under another category, such as next of kin or legal representative;
  12. Name, address, and telephone number of the responsible individual stipulated in 22VAC40-73-550 H, if needed;
  13. Name, address, and telephone number of a personal physician, if known;
  14. Name, address, and telephone number of the personal dentist, if known;
  15. Name, address, and telephone number of clergyman and place of worship, if applicable;
  16. Name, address, and telephone number of a local department of social services or any other agency, if applicable, and the name of the assigned case manager or caseworker;
  17. Service in the armed forces, if applicable;
  18. Lifetime vocation, career, or primary role;
  19. Special interests and hobbies;
  20. Known allergies, if any;
  21. Information concerning advance directives, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders, or organ donation, if applicable;
  22. Previous mental health or intellectual disability services history, if any, and if applicable for care or services;
  23. Current behavioral and social functioning including strengths and problems; and
  24. Any substance abuse history if applicable for care or services.
  25. The personal and social information required in subsection A of this section shall be placed in the person’s record and kept current.