1.             No door in any means of egress shall be locked against egress when the building is occupied.

                                (1)           Exit doors may be provided with a night latch, dead bolt, or security chain, provided these devices are operable from the inside, by any occupant, without the use of a key, tool, or any special knowledge and are mounted at a height not to exceed forty-eight (48) inches above the finished floor.

                                (2)           If locks are not readily operable by all occupants within the building, the locks must: 1) unlock upon activation of the fire detection or sprinkler system and 2) unlock upon loss of power in the facility.  Prior to installing such locking devices, the facility shall have written approval from the building, fire and licensing authorities having jurisdiction.

  1.             All exit doors shall have a minimum width of thirty-six (36) inches.

                                (1)           Facilities with a capacity of ten (10) or more residents shall have exit doors leading to the outside of the facility that open outward.

                                (2)           Facilities with a capacity of fifty (50) or more residents must provide panic hardware at the exit doors.

                                (3)           No door or path of travel to a means of egress shall be less than twenty-eight (28) inches wide.

  1.             All resident sleeping room doors must be at least one and three-quarters (1 3/4) inch solid core construction.
  2.             Bathroom doors may be twenty-four (24) inches wide.  Facilities with four (4) or more residents shall have at least one bathroom for every eight (8) residents with a door clearance of thirty-six (36) inches for access by persons with disabilities.
  3.             Locks on doors to toilet rooms and bathrooms shall be capable of release from the outside.
  4.             All doors shall readily open from the inside.
  5.             Doors shall be provided for all resident sleeping rooms, all restrooms and all bathrooms.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]