Rule 48.15.1 Restrictions. Licensed facilities shall be restricted in the quantity and classes of
drugs allowed in the licensed facility.

1. No Schedule I drugs shall be allowed in the licensed facility. Residents requiring
administration of Schedule II Narcotics as defined in the Uniform Controlled
Substances Law may be admitted to a personal care home. Schedule drugs may
only be allowed in a personal care home if they are administered or stored
utilizing proper procedures under the direct supervision of a licensed physician or

2. The licensed facility may keep on hand a limited amount of non-prescription,
over-the-counter medications.

3. No intramuscular, subcutaneous, intravenous injectable, except for insulin and
vitamin B-12, shall be allowed.

4. Insulin or vitamin B-12 may be administered only if the resident is able to
administer his/her own injectable, or is administered by a licensed nurse.

Rule 48.15.2 Labeling. The medications of all residents shall be clearly labeled.

Rule 48.15.3 Storage of Prescription Medications. Proper storage of all prescription
medications shall be provided.
1. All residents’ prescription medications shall be stored in a secured area. The area
shall be kept locked when not in use, with responsibility for the key designated in
2. The prescription medication storage area shall be well-lighted, well-ventilated,
and kept in a clean and orderly fashion. The temperature of the medication
storage area should not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit at any time.
3. A refrigerator shall be provided for the storage of prescription medications
requiring refrigeration. If the refrigerator houses food or beverages, the residents’
prescription medications shall be stored in a covered container or separate
compartment. All refrigerators shall be equipped with thermometers.

Rule 48.15.4 Responsibility. A non-resident employee, appointed by the operator, shall be
responsible for the following:
1. Storage of prescription medications.
2. Keeping a current prescription medication list, including frequency and dosage,
which shall be updated at least every thirty (30) days, or with any significant

Rule 48.15.5 Disposal of Unused Prescription Medications. In the event any prescription
medication is no longer in use for any reason, it shall be disposed of in accordance
with the regulations of the Mississippi State Board of Pharmacy