Food Service deficency

You never know when a disaster at your facility might strike. When we think of disaster’s in Florida the first thing that pops up in our mind is Hurricanes. Although in Florida we are in a Hurricane zone facilities face many other incidents’s that could require your facility to use its Emergency food supply. Examples include fire, long power outages,tornadoes, gas leaks,plumbing, nd water main issues. Any of these can strike your facility at any time and your facility needs to be prepared.

When it comes to your facilities Emergency food supply the biggest issues you face are:

  1. Making sure you have the required amount of supplies on hand
  2. Making sure there are no expired items in your supply
  3. Keeping yourself and dietary staff from using items in your supply for kitchen use.


Title Food Service – Dietary Standards Statute or Rule 58A-5.020(2)FAC

(h) A 3-day supply of nonperishable food, based on the number of weekly meals the facility has contracted with residents to serve, must be on hand at all times. The quantity must be based on the resident census and not on licensed capacity. The supply must consist of foods that can be stored safely without refrigeration. Water sufficient for drinking and food preparation must also be stored, or the facility must have a plan for obtaining water in an emergency, with the plan coordinated with and reviewed by the local disaster preparedness authority


Ways to avoid Deficiencies regarding your Emergency Food supply.

  • Have a menu and supply list created by a licensed dietitian.
  • Make a list of your on hand emergency supplies and write down the expiration dates.
  • Make it the facilities policy to not use any emergency food unless its an emergency and if used reorder immediately.
  • Schedule Audits of the emergency supplies at least quarterly on a calendar/planner (make sure supplies are on hand and review expiration dates and reorder as necessary)


Assisted Living Emergency food supply list

Assisted Living Emergency Food Supply Menu