Rule 48.23.1 The Residential Living Facility shall develop and maintain a written preparedness plan utilizing the “All Hazards” approach to emergency and disaster planning.
The plan must include procedures to be followed in the event of any act of terrorism or man-made or natural disaster as appropriate for the specific geographical location. The final draft of the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), will be reviewed by the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response, Mississippi State Department of Health, or their designates, for conformance with the “All Hazards Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan.” Particular attention shall be given to critical areas of concern that may arise during any “all-hazards” emergency whether required to evacuate or to sustain in place. Additional plan criteria or a specified EOP format may be required as deemed necessary by the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response.
1. The six (6) critical areas of consideration are:
a. Communications – Facility status reports shall be submitted in a format and a
frequency as required by the Office of EOP.
b. Resources and Assets
c. Safety and Security
d. Staffing
e. Utilities
f. Clinical Activities.
2. Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) must be exercised and reviewed annually or as directed by the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response. Written
evidence of current approval or review of provider EOPs, by the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response, shall accompany all applications for
facility license renewals

Rule 48.24.1 Fire Drills. Fire drills shall be conducted one (1) per shift per quarter. Employees
shall participate in a fire drill at least four (4) times per year.
1. Written Records. Written records of all drills shall be maintained, indicating
content of and attendance at each drill.
2. A fire evacuation plan shall be posted in each facility in a conspicuous place and
kept current.