NAC 449.114  Employees: General requirements. 

     1.  A facility must have on duty, all hours of each day, members of the staff sufficient in number and qualifications to carry out policies, responsibilities and program continuity.

     2.  Each member of the counseling staff must be:

     (a) A registered intern;

     (b) Certified or licensed by the Board of Examiners for Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Counselors; or

     (c) A licensed mental health professional who has experience with alcohol and drug abuse counseling.

     3.  The administrator or his or her appointee must be present and responsible for the operations of the facility during normal hours.

     4.  A facility must have written policies and procedures for the recruitment, selection, promotion and termination of members of the staff.

     5.  The facility must have written policies and procedures covering wages and salaries, working hours, employee benefits, vacation and sick leave, rules of conduct, and training and the development of the staff.

     6.  The facility must provide an orientation session to new employees. Documentation of the sessions must be maintained in the employee’s personnel record.

     7.  There must be written policies and procedures governing disciplinary actions which clearly define the mechanism for suspension or dismissal of members of the staff as well as the procedures for appeal.

     8.  Written job descriptions must be maintained for all positions. A description must include:

     (a) The title of the job;

     (b) The tasks and responsibilities of the job;

     (c) The skills, education and experience necessary for the job;

     (d) The relationship of the job to other jobs within the program; and

     (e) The working conditions, location, shift, materials and equipment to be used on the job.

Ê The job description must accurately reflect the actual job situation and must be reviewed annually or whenever a change in the job or qualifications occurs. Job descriptions must be available on request to all members of the staff.

     9.  A personnel record must be maintained for each employee. The record must contain:

     (a) The employment application;

     (b) Letters of recommendation;

     (c) Reference investigation records;

     (d) Verification of training, experience and, if applicable, certification;

     (e) Documentation of attendance at the orientation session for new employees;

     (f) Job performance evaluations;

     (g) Incident reports; and

     (h) Disciplinary actions taken.

     10.  Personnel records must be maintained in a secure manner and must be available only to those persons authorized in written policies and procedures. An employee must have access to his or her own records upon request.