R 325.1923 Employee’s health.
Rule 23. (1) A person on duty in the home shall be in good health. Files shall be 8
maintained containing evidence of adequate health, such as results of examinations
by a qualified health care professional and tuberculosis screening which consists of an
intradermal skin test or chest x-rays, or other methods recommended by the local health
authority. Records of accidents or illnesses occurring while on duty that place others at
risk shall be maintained in the employee’s file.
(2) A home shall provide annual tuberculosis screening at no cost for its employees.
New employees shall be screened within 10 days of hire and before occupational
exposure. The screening shall consist of an intradermal skin test, chest x-ray, or other
methods as recommended by the local health authority.
(3) Employees with past documented positive tuberculosis skin test results or who
have received treatment for tuberculosis are exempt from the tuberculosis skin test,
but shall be screened annually for active symptoms of tuberculosis and the need
for evaluation by a qualified health care professional to determine if symptoms of
tuberculosis has developed.
(4) Tuberculosis skin tests, as well as post-exposure follow-up and treatment
evaluations shall be offered at no cost to the employees at times and locations
convenient to the employees. A qualified health care professional shall perform the
reading and interpretation of the tuberculosis skin test.