He-P 805.13 Enforcement Actions and Hearings.

  • Prior to taking enforcement action against an applicant or licensee, the department shall send to the applicant or licensee a written notice that sets forth:
    • The reasons for the proposed action;
    • The action to be taken by the department; and
    • The right of an applicant or licensee to a hearing in accordance with RSA 151:8 or RSA 541- A:30, III, as applicable, before the enforcement action becomes
  • The department shall deny an application or revoke a license if:
    • An applicant or a licensee violated a provision of RSA 151 or He-P 805 which poses a risk of harm to a resident’s health, safety or well-being;
    • An applicant or licensee has failed to pay an administrative fine imposed by the department;
    • An applicant or licensee had a check returned to the department for insufficient funds and has not re-submitted the outstanding fee in the form of cash, money order or certified check;
    • After being notified of and given an opportunity to supply missing information, the applicant or licensee fails to submit an application that meets the requirements of He-P 04;
    • The applicant, licensee or any representative or employee of the applicant or licensee:
      1. Provides false or misleading information to the department;
      2. Prevents, interferes or fails to cooperate with any inspection or inspection conducted by the department; or
      3. Fails to provide requested files or documents to the department;
    • The licensee failed to implement or continue to implement a POC that has been accepted or imposed by the department in accordance with He-P 805.12(c),(d) and (e);
    • The licensee is cited a third time under RSA 151 or He-P 805 for the same violation within the last 5 inspections;


  • A licensee, or its corporate officers, has had a license revoked and submits an application during the 5-year prohibition period specified in (i) below;
  • Upon inspection, the applicant’s premises are not in compliance with RSA 151 or He-P 805;
  • The department makes a determination that one or more factors in He-P 805.05(e) is true; or
  • The applicant or licensee employs an administrator who does not meet the qualifications for the position under circumstances in which the department has not granted a
  • An applicant or licensee shall have 30 days after receipt of the notice of enforcement action to request a hearing to contest the
  • If a written request for a hearing is not made pursuant to (c) above, the action of the department shall become final.
  • The department shall order the immediate suspension of a license, the cessation of operations, and the transfer of residents when it finds that the health, safety or well-being of a resident is in jeopardy and requires emergency action in accordance with RSA 541:A-30,
  • If an immediate suspension is upheld the licensee shall not resume operating until the department determines through inspection that compliance with RSA 151 and He-P 805 is
  • Hearings under this section shall be conducted in accordance with RSA 541-A and He-C
  • When a SRHCF’s license has been denied or revoked, the applicant, licensee or administrator shall not be eligible to reapply for a license or be employed as an administrator for 5 years if the denial or revocation pertained to their role in the
  • The 5 year period referenced in (h) above shall begin on:
    • The date of the department’s decision to revoke or deny the license, if no appeal is filed; or
    • The date a final decision upholding the action of the department is issued, if a request for a hearing is made and a hearing is
  • Notwithstanding (h) above, the department shall consider an application submitted after the decision to revoke or deny becomes final, if the applicant demonstrates that circumstances have changed to the extent that the department now has good cause to believe that the applicant has the requisite degree of knowledge, skills and resources necessary to maintain compliance with the provisions of RSA 151 and He-P 805.
  • RSA 541-A and He-C 200 shall govern further appeals of department decisions under this
  • No ongoing enforcement action shall preclude the imposition of any remedy available to the department under RSA 151, RSA 541-A:30, III, or He-P 805.
  • The department shall offer an opportunity for informal dispute resolution to any applicant or licensee who disagrees with a deficiency cited by the department on a statement of findings, provided that the applicant or licensee submits a written request for an informal dispute
  • The informal dispute resolution shall be requested in writing by the applicant, licensee or program director no later than 14 days from the date the statement of findings was issued by the
  • The department shall review the evidence presented and provide a written notice to the applicant or licensee of its decision.
  • An informal dispute resolution shall not be available for any applicant or licensee against whom the department has initiated action to suspend, revoke, deny or refuse to issue or renew a