Facility Policies and Procedures.
(i) Management shall develop policies and procedures that are available to
residents and staff, including but not limited to:
(A) Resident rights;
(B) Disciplinary procedures surrounding substantiated cases of
resident abuse;
(C) Admission, transfer, bed hold days, and discharge of residents;
(D) Medication management;
(E) Emergency care of residents (including missing resident, blizzard,
water outage, etc.);
(F) Fire/disaster plan;
(G) Departure and return;
(H) Smoking;
(I) Visiting hours;
(J) Activities;
(K) Management of resident trust accounts;
(L) Personnel policies;
(M) Grievance procedure;
(N) Per Diem rate/charges/fees, to include a listing of what is included
in the established charges;
(O) Incident reports;(P) Notification of change in established per diem rate/charges/fees;
(Q) Outside contractual responsibilities; and
(R) Identification and notification of change in resident’s condition