NAC 449.154997  Files for residents.

     1.  An administrator shall ensure that the facility maintains a separate file for each resident of the facility and retains the file for at least 5 years after the resident permanently leaves the facility. The file must be kept locked in a location that is protected against unauthorized use. Each file must contain the information obtained by the facility that is related to the resident, including, without limitation:

     (a) The full name, address and date of birth of the resident;

     (b) The address and telephone number of any next of kin or guardian of the resident;

     (c) Evidence of compliance with the provisions of NAC 441A.380;

     (d) A list of the rules of the facility that is signed by the resident; and

     (e) The name and telephone number of the parole officer of the resident, if any.

     2.  Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, the file of the resident must be kept confidential. The file of a resident must be made available upon request at any time to an employee of the Bureau who is acting in his or her capacity as an employee of the Bureau