ALF Boss

We all know that our facilities are only as good as our staff…and when we need to hire the new staff it’s usually an ‘ASAP’ situation. This can be difficult, particularly when it can be a struggle to get good quality applicants, never mind quickly.

The best place I’ve found to start is Craig’s List. Within minutes of posting a job posting, l always receive a flood of applicants, no matter what the position is: CNA, HHA, Activities Director, Office Personal, Dietary, and Maintenance.

The CNA’s and HHA’s that apply are usually quality applicants that have their required certifications and documentation already in place. This makes the whole experience so much easier. These applicants are usually well educated and have good spoken English skills, which is not always the case when you place a newspaper advertisement or advertise through the unemployment office and other sources.

The key is to be specific in your advertisement for what you are looking for and be clear about what the position is. Make sure to mention that an AHCA level II background check is required as well as any other necessary requirements you feel they need to have.

It can also be helpful to set-up a separate email account designed especially for staffing inquiries, as you will likely receive a lot of applicants and it can be difficult to filter them through your personal email account. It is also easier to have all your applicants in one organized place.

It is also recommended that you don’t provide a phone number for applicants to contact you on, but rather provide an email address. This will ensure that your phone doesn’t ring all day with the same questions, and you only have to respond to the ad when you are ready to. Inform applicants in the ad that they will be required to come in for an in-person interview and provide the times and days that you will be conducting interviews (along with the address). You should also create a pre-typed reply for those who email you with the same information in the ad. Something along the lines of “Please come and apply in person, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm at ____(address)”. This will allow you to copy and paste the basic information into the response emails you send out.

Hopefully, this helps with your hiring needs. Good luck in your search! I’m not making any promises but this method has worked best for me and just wanted to pass it along.