FIRE DRILLS:  All facilities shall conduct monthly fire drills which are to be documented.

  1.             There shall be at least one (1) documented fire drill per month and at a minimum, one documented fire drill each eight (8) hours (day, evening, night) per quarter that employs the use of the fire alarm system or the detector system in the facility.
  2.             A record of the monthly fire drills shall be maintained on file in the facility and readily available.  Fire drill records shall show:

                                (1)           the date of the drill;

                                (2)           the time of the drill;

                                (3)           the number of staff participating in the drill;

                                (4)           any problem noted during the drill; and

                                (5)           the evacuation time in total minutes.

  1.             If applicable, the local fire department may be requested to supervise and participate in fire drills.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 1/15/2010]