0268 Food and NutritionalServices – Deficiency
410 IAC16.2-5-5.1(a)
(a) The facility shall provide, arrange, or make available three (3) well-planned meals
a day, seven (7) days a week that provide a balanced distribution of the daily
nutritional requirements.

0269 Food and NutritionalServices –Noncompliance
410 IAC16.2-5-5.1(b)
(b) The menu or substitutions, or both, for all meals shall be approved by a registered

0270 Food and NutritionalServices – Deficiency
410 IAC16.2-5-5.1(c)(1-3)
(c) The facility must meet:
(1) daily dietary requirements and requests, with consideration of food allergies;
(2) reasonable religious, ethnic, and personal preferences; and
(3) the temporary need for meals delivered to the resident ‘ s room.

0271 Food and NutritionalServices – Deficiency
410 IAC16.2-5-5.1(d)
(d) All modified diets shall be prescribed by the attending physician.

0272 Food and Nutritional Services – Deficiency
410 IAC16.2-5-5.1(e)
(e) All food shall be served at a safe and appropriate temperature.

0273 Food and NutritionalServices – Deficiency
410 IAC16.2-5-5.1(f)
(f) All food preparation and serving areas (excluding areas in residents ‘ units) are
maintained in accordance with state and local sanitation and safe food handling
standards, including 410 IAC 7-24.

0274 Food and NutritionalServices -Noncompliance
410 IAC16.2-5-5.1(g)(1-3)
(g) There shall be an organized food service department directed by a supervisor
competent in food service management and knowledgeable in sanitation standards,
food handling, food preparation, and meal service.
(1) The supervisor must be one (1) of the following:
(A) A dietitian.
(B) A graduate or student enrolled in and within one (1) year from completing a
division approved, minimum ninety (90) hour classroom instruction course that
provides classroom instruction in food service supervision who has a minimum of
one (1) year of experience in some aspect of institutional food service management.
(C) A graduate of a dietetic technician program approved by the American Dietetic
(D) A graduate of an accredited college or university or within one (1) year of
graduating from an accredited college or university with a degree in foods and
nutrition or food administration with a minimum of one (1) year of experience in
some aspect of food service management.
(E) An individual with training and experience in food service supervision and
(2) If the supervisor is not a dietitian, a dietitian shall provide consultant services on
the premises at peak periods of operation on a regularly scheduled basis.
(3) Food service staff shall be on duty to ensure proper food preparation, serving, and

0275 Food and NutritionalServices – Deficiency
410 IAC16.2-5-5.1(h)
(h) Diet orders shall be reviewed and revised by the physician as the resident ‘ s
condition requires.