R 325.1951 Nutritional need of residents.
Rule 51. A home shall meet the food and nutritional needs of a resident in accordance
with the recommended daily dietary allowances of the food and nutrition board of the
national research council of the national academy of sciences, adjusted for age, gender,
and activity, or other national authority acceptable to the department, except as ordered
by a licensed health care professional.

R 325.1952 Meals and special diets.
Rule 52. (1) A home shall offer 3 meals daily to be served to a resident at regular
meal times. A home shall make snacks and beverages available to residents.
(2) A home shall work with residents when feasible to accommodate individual
(3) A home shall assure that the temporary needs for meals delivered to a resident’s
room are met.
(4) Medical nutrition therapy, as prescribed by a licensed health care professional
and which may include therapeutic diets or special diets, supplemental nourishments
or fluids to meet the resident’s nutritional and hydration needs shall be provided in
accordance with the resident’s service plan unless waived in writing by a resident or a
resident’s authorized, representative.
(5) A home shall prepare and serve meals in an appetizing manner.
(6) A home shall provide a table or individual freestanding tray of table height for a
a resident who does not go to a dining room.

R 325.1953 Menus.
Rule 53. (1) A home shall prepare and post the menu for regular and therapeutic or
special diets for the current week. Changes shall be written on the planned menu to
show the menu as actually served.
(2) A home shall maintain a copy of all menus as actually served to residents for the
preceding 3 months.

R 325.1954 Meal and food records.
Rule 54. The home shall maintain a record of the meal census, to include residents,
personnel, and visitors, and a record of the kind and amount of food used for the
preceding 3-month period