Rule 48.13.1 Meals. The licensed facility shall provide residents with well-planned, attractive,
and satisfying meals at least three (3) times daily, seven (7) days a week, which
will meet their nutritional, social, emotional, and therapeutic needs. The daily
food allowance shall meet the current recommended dietary allowances.

1. Meals shall be planned one (1) week in advance. A record of meals served shall
be maintained for a one (1) month period. Current menus must be posted and dated.

2. A record of all food purchases shall be maintained in the licensed facility for a
one (1) month period.

3. All food served in licensed facilities shall comply with the following:
a. No game or home-canned foods shall be served; and
b. Other than fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit, all foods must be from
commercial sources.

4. All meals for residents who require therapeutic diets shall be planned by a
Licensed Dietitian. If a therapeutic diet is prescribed by the physician for the
resident, the licensed dietitian shall visit the licensed facility at a minimum of
once every thirty (30) days, and shall file a consulting report with the licensed