He-P 805.21 Food Services.

  • The licensee shall provide food services that meet:
  • The US Department of Agriculture recommended dietary allowance as specified in the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2005” available as noted in Appendix A;
  • The nutritional needs of each resident; and
  • The special dietary needs associated with health or medical conditions for each resident as identified on the
  • Each resident shall be offered at least 3 nutritious meals and snacks unless the resident chooses other options according to their admission
  • Snacks shall be available between meals and at bedtime if not contraindicated by the resident’s care
  • If a resident refuses the item(s) on the menu, a substitute shall be
  • Each day’s menu shall be posted in a place accessible to food service personnel and
  • A dated record of menus as served shall be maintained for at least the previous 4
  • The licensee shall provide therapeutic diets to residents only as ordered by a licensed practitioner or other professional with prescriptive
  • If a resident has a pattern of refusing to follow a prescribed diet, personnel shall document the reason for the refusal in the resident’s medical record and notify the resident’s licensed
  • All food and drink provided to the residents shall be:
    • Safe for human consumption and free of spoilage or other contamination;
    • Stored, prepared and served in a manner consistent with safe food handling practices for the prevention of food borne illnesses, including those set forth in He-P 2300;
    • Served at the proper temperatures;
    • Labeled, dated and stored at proper temperatures; and
    • Stored so as to protect it from dust, insects, rodents, overhead leakage, unnecessary handling and all other sources of
  • The use of expired, unlabeled food or canned goods that have damage to their hermetic seal shall be prohibited and such goods shall be immediately
  • All food not in the original package shall be stored in labeled and dated containers designed for food
  • All work surfaces shall be cleaned and sanitized after each
  • All dishes, utensils and glassware shall be in good repair, cleaned and sanitized after each use and properly
  • All food service equipment shall be kept clean and maintained according to manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Food service areas shall not be used to empty bedpans or urinals or as access to toilet and utility rooms.
  • If soiled linen is transported through food service areas, the linen shall be in an impervious container.
  • Trash receptacles in food service areas shall have covers and shall remain closed except when in use.
  • All SRHCF personnel involved in the preparing and serving of food shall wash their hands and exposed portions of their arms with liquid soap and running water before handling or serving food.


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